Photos courtesy of Leigh T. Jimmie

Ya'at'eeh'. Shi ei yah Mihio Manus yinishye. To'dichii'ni nishli. Tsin Sikaadni bashishchiin. Omaha ei da shi chei. Cherokee ei da shi nail.

My name is Mihio Manus and I am Navajo, Cherokee and Omaha from Chinle, Arizona. My maternal clan is To'dichii'nii' (Bitter Water) and my paternal clan is Tsin Sikaadni (Tangled Tree). My maternal grandfather is Omaha (Deer Clan) and my paternal grandfather is Cherokee (Wolf Clan of Ketoowah).

I've heard many artists liken the tools of their craft to extensions of their bodies and minds. In many ways, I believe this to be true. Photography has become a part of my life ever since I learned to use a camera and load film. Technology has changed the way most people interface with photography but the basic intent of the craft remains the same. Imagery. Content. Composition. Intrigue. Story. Light.

One of my initial inspirations to learn photography was so that I could go to the punk shows and take pictures of the bands and people there. I found those types of events fascinating and loved punk and hardcore music. This guided me in college to study photography and journalism.

Currently I work as an editor of a tribal paper. The paper is called the Gila River Indian News.

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